CoolMagic And More Entertainment
BELLY DANCERS in New York, New Jersey, Long Island
Our award-winning belly dancer is also a teacher of
audiences with her natural understanding of
Mediterranean music, her playful personality, and her
authentic and energetic dance style.

Our Belly Dancers perform in the Greater New York Island
and New Jersey. Great for weddings, sweet sixteen
parties, corporate events, holiday parties, Bar and Bat
mitzvahs, graduation parties, bachelorette parties, and
Imagine the look on the
guest of honor's face
when the belly dancer
exotic Middle Eastern
act includes finger
Imagine the look on the
cymbals, and balancing
cymbals, and balancing
she moves to the music.
she moves to the music.

Very classy, and clean.
A belly dance
performance is a
great addition to
almost any event!  
Suitable for family
events and all ages.
party! thank you so much!  
A lot of people asked where I
got her from.
Thanx again for all your help.