CoolMagic And More Entertainment
Candy Carts
Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew
Cover it with choc'late and a miracle or two...
Candy and Chocolate.
It includes 2 dozen bags
of FRESH Cotton Candy,
2 dozen boxes of
Popcorn,  and 2 dozen
Jelly Apples.

You get enough servings
for 24 guests with bags.
Candy Table

Delivered, set up, and
picked up from your party!
HALF TABLE - $325.00 Feeds 50 people

Includes: 2 dozen cotton candy

2 dozen popcorn bags

2 dozen chocolate covered Rice krispie pops

2 dozen bags of chips

5 baskets of good candy -

lollipop tree and 50 bags

WHOLE TABLE - $395.00 Feeds 100 people

Includes: 4 dozen cotton candy

4 dozen popcorn

4 dozen chocolate covered Rice krispy pops

4 dozen bags of chips

7 baskets of good candy -

lollipop tree and 100 bags