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Award winning magic including "Best Entertainer" at The Circus Magic
Convention. He has performed with The platters, The Club, Toppers
Comedy Club, Trade Winds, and Carlos Murphy's. Currently he performs
at over two hundred events yearly.

Ron's Magic show runs 40-45 minutes.  It's loaded with comedy props, funny jokes
and one liners that will keep you in stitches throughout the show.  He does a
hilarious Coin Pail (coins from nowhere) trick that will keep you wondering, "where
do those coins come from!"   He includes the magical appearance of a dove and

Steve:  Ron was great...
I can't thank you enough.  
He was professional, and
probably one of the best
I've seen in years... The
kids sat mesmerized for
his entire show...

" Ron, was excellent! The kids and adults loved his show.
I will be in touch in the spring to book my sons summer party. He already
requested the magician attend his birthday! "
Favorite children's Magician,
Carmini does a high energy 45
minute magic show. The Carmini
Magic show is a fun filled event
consisting of amazing magic,
comedy and audience participation
where the children help make the
magic happen.  
The Great Carmini
There should be more magicians who care as
much about magic as Johnny does. Extremely
inventive, Johnny puts a lot of time and talent into
creating his own magic routines and props, and
it's definitely paid off.

Let Johnny amaze your guests with his comedy
magic and lots of participation.  Watch Johnny
make a live dove or bunny appear, vanish a coin,
or float a can of soda, one of his popular signature

Personable, friendly and a wonderful showman.
Dear Johnny:

I really enjoyed the show. You were pretty funny and that
mouse to duck trick was awesome.  I really want to know
that lollipop recipe.  Those were yummmmmmmy!  I liked
your magic show a lot.  That magic bunny was cool

Whether it be block parties, birthday parties, communions, street
fairs or holiday parties,  
Carmini will help you make your party a
memorable one!
Shawn, the 'Wacky Magician' specializes in some pretty fancy balloon sculptures.  He does
a great kid's magic show. The comedy happens when the magic doesn't, and when the magic
happens, there's even more comedy, as it never seems to come at the right time! Your
guests will enjoy Shawn's interactive show. Volunteers will have a blast performing magic
on stage with Shawn.

Your Guests will love Shawn's unique style of scatter brain banter as he tries to replicate
the magic of the great magicians of yesteryear.

After the show, all the guests are given an amazing balloon creation twisted by Shawn.
butterflies, dragons, dinosaurs, hearts with teddy bears, birds, flowers, guitars,
monkeys on palm trees, and of course doggie
s, are just a few of the many balloon
creations to choose from.