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The Astonishing Magic of Ran’D
are just a few words to describe the magical experience
you will have when you see Ran’D Perform.
Ran’D has been
intimately involved with magic since1993. Ran’D is a frequent performer
at Monday Night Magic, New York’s longest running off Broadway magic
show, and has performed at the world famous Magic Castle.  Over these
years, Ran’D has had numerous performances for private clients as well
as some corporate clients, including IKEA, University of Pennsylvania and
Marriott International, to name a few.
and fun
His magical style draws from his playful interactive relationship with his
audience. His magic is a combination of sleight of hand, mentalism with a
twist. Always humorous and guaranteed to please, Ran’D involves many
participants from the crowd to thrill and entertain as they experience
magic first-hand.
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uses scarves, balloons, rings, ropes,
interactive magic show where the
for the magic happening in the show.
His fun and friendly demeanor have
made him a favorite among families
at Texas Roadhouse in Turnersville,
NJ  and Downey's in Philadelphia.
Magic Mike
Johnny will amaze your guests with his
comedy magic and lots of
participation.  Watch Johnny make a
live dove or bunny appear, vanish a
coin, or float a can of soda, one of his
signature tricks.

He's personable, friendly and a
wonderful showman. There should be
more magicians who care as much
about magic as Johnny does.

Extremely inventive, Johnny puts a lot
of time and talent into creating his own
magic routines and props, and it's
definitely paid off !
Magic Mike
Magic Mike