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Steve with world famous magician David Blaine
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Steve is one of the only magicians in the
area who does a specialized
Read on!................................

Steve's special Halloween show
begins with his signature routine,
a magicial drawing board on which
Steve draws a Jack-o'lantern.      
Suddenly, Jack begins to speak as
the picture comes to life!                     
The audience is mesmerized as Jack
introduces the show.         

The show continues
with other Halloween
related tricks using
ghosts, pumpkins,
and other spooky

The show closes with the picture of
"Jack-o-Lantern" singing The Monster
Mash with the audience.  Steve then
begins to erase the picture as Jack asks
him to stop, until his mouth is erased and
Steve sends him back to the pumpkin

Fun, Fun, Fun
Halloween Magic Show
Not all
Shows were
created equal!