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Steve the Magician  
Steve uses his unique sense of humor to entertain all
attractive props including silks, ropes, balloons, and even
water! Steve will amaze your guests with his trained
doves, which magically appear at every show!

Every child is an active participant in Steve’s magic act. The
guest of honor is always made to feel extra special throughout
the entire show!

Steve also teaches magic to youngsters. He has conducted
several magic classes for many organizations.

A magician whose MAGIC is presented in the most
dazzling and spectacular manner using live
animals, theatrical music, and amazing magical
effects.  He even adds acrobatics to every
performance. You won't believe your eyes!
Here's a review of his show:
This weekend we went to a birthday party that I feel completely
comfortable saying had the best children’s magician I have ever seen
perform.  Ragidy Supreme does a show that is completely enthralling to
kids and absolutely a hoot for adults.  Magician, comedian, and kook
Ragidy Supreme reminds me of early Richard Pryor without the
cursing.  His magic show is completely unique and doesn’t have any of
the syrupy/cheesy stuff you’ll find in most children’s party performers.
Between tricks, he playacts as if he is a superhero, talks to imaginary
friends, break dances and had me rolling with laughter.

The Great Ragedy Supreme will make your next birthday or
special event "THE BEST PARTY EVER".

Check out more on Ragidy including video:
Click Here

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The Great Ragidy Supreme
Steve has been performing
for over 20 years.

Professional magician, and owner of
CoolMagic Entertainment, Steve specializes
in entertainment for all ages. His shows
contain a unique blend of magic and comedy.
His witty personality and good sense of
humor enable him to establish a good rapport
with his audiences wherever he performs.  
The Magic of Ben
Ben has been entertaining children since he
enough to drive, his magic was being spotted on
National Television. Comedy Central,
Nickelodeon TV, and even the Game Show
Network have flattered Ben by giving him and his
unique magic national and syndicated airtime.
When the corporate offices of Macy’s in Herald
Square wanted someone to entertain their loved
ones on “Take Your Child to Work Day,” they
immediately booked Ben Nemzer.  Whenever the
Ronald McDonald house is hosting an event in
Manhattan and needs a magician they call Ben!  
Ben  is the number one specifically requested  
magician to entertain at private events, by the
FAO Schwarz Event Management in NYC.

Ben’s magic has been seen in the homes of
countless families and his in high demand.  
Ben’s Family Show is filled with lighthearted, age
appropriate magic and comedy.  All of the kids
get to participate in the show and many are even
brought up as assistants.  Ben’s magic is not only
versatile enough to keep the kids captivated, but
also hold the attention of the adults.

Wouldn't you like to your child to
be the star in Ben's next show?

Ben is also an excellent balloon artist!

Crazy Hats, Animals, Rocking Horses, Flowers,
Ben can make it all.  Watch him twist balloons of
all shapes and sizes into wonderful
creations.  Ben’s detailed and fun balloons can
make the perfect souvenir or goody for your
next event.  Why not add Ben’s balloon sculpting
to the end of your Children’s Show or even have
him twist while doing strolling magic?

Watch Ben delight your guests of all ages with
his colorful balloon making.
Through harmless gags, silly jokes and
magic tricks that are just plain goofy, it
often ends up the KIDS are the ones
who do the magic.  Each show is
tailored to fit the target age of your party.
Thank you very much for sending Ben. He was really a great magician and handled the children very well.
Everything turned out great. Thanks again!