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Sal the Music Man
He's so great, he
does my parties!

He's a keyboard player
He's a DJ
He's a singer !
Ideal for Family Parties, Anniversary
Parties, Birthday Parties.
You want Italian music, he plays Italian music!
You want Jewish music, He plays Jewish Music!
You want American music? Well, you get the idea!
He takes requests throughout the night, and can mix it up,
depending on your preference.

He plays keyboard, and sings live.  And boy can he sing!
Sinatra, or any popular music. He has a quality sound
system.  Sounds expensive... ?

He is reasonably priced.  
Give us a call for pricing and availability

(718) 966-2442
We also have guitarists, and
violinists for that special occasion


Looking for music for your party
but don't really want a DJ?