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Steve the Magician  
Steve's uses his unique sense of humor to entertain all ages.
He brings excitement to any occasion using attractive props
including silks, ropes, balloons, and even water! Steve will amaze
your guests with his trained doves, which magically appear at
every show!

Every child is an active participant in Steve’s magic act.
The guest of honor is always made to feel extra special
throughout the entire show!

Steve also teaches magic to youngsters. He has conducted several
magic classes for many organizations.

(Highly recommended)
Magic Mike is a great Long
Island magician.  When
you're looking for a Magician
in Nassau County, Mike is
one of the most  experienced,
polished acts in town!

Mike is an entertainer who makes
his living doing exactly what he loves
to do most - performing and
entertaining. See what he can do for
you, you'll be glad you did. Because
he's sure to give your next event that
Magic Touch!

Mike has performed for countless
venues and to such a broad range of
diverse audiences. He's entertained
at libraries, senior communities,
project graduation, day camps, day
schools, grammar schools,
elementary schools as well as many
Mike's other performances include
malls, restaurants, resorts and
country clubs as well as corporate
picnics, corporate holiday parties,
sales meetings, trade shows and
hospitality suites.

(He has a unique knack for always
appropriately interweaving the
company's message and products
into his presentation)

Would recommend to everyone!!!

May 2008
Hi Steve,

Mike was terrific!  Everyone enjoyed
themselves, adults and children.
I will continue to recommend

Thanks, Gina (via e mail, May, 2008)


The kids all had a terrific time. Mike got
the children involved and it was a big

Thank you.  (Dec. 2008)
Music, magic, and comedy are used in the show. A comedy introduction
starts the show using the guest of honor as the star of the show. Throughout
the show interactive magic is used and audience participation is
encouraged. The mix of techno and flamenco is used as a visual
performance is engaged. Very colorful small illusions are used to keep the
show very interesting. He even makes someone a superhero in his show,
and to top it of he performs an illusion that makes it snow in the audience.
(Easy to clean up confetti) taking everyone back into the wonderful memory
of the first time they saw snow. The show is great for all audiences, kids and

A more mature crowd would also enjoy James' one-man illusion show or his
close-up strolling magic.
Click this link to see more on Magic Mike, including a video clip.
James G., comedy
magician has a unique
form of entertainment.
Combining all the right
elements of success to
make your party a
memorable one.
James performing for former Governor
Elliot Spitzer, (fill in your own joke here!)
include performing for:

Children of Chernobyl

Actor James Gandolfini

Jon Voight

United Way of New York City

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer

The United States Army with high a
recommendation letter

Century 21 corporate center

YMCA of Greater New York
Steve has been performing for over 20 years.

Professional magician, and owner of
CoolMagic Entertainment, Steve
specializes in entertainment for all ages.
His shows contain a unique blend of magic and
comedy.  His witty personality and good sense
of humor enable him to establish a good
rapport with his audiences wherever he