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One Man Illusion Show
geared for larger audiences and can be performed for are
live doves in the show which magically appear, as well as
other larger tricks that can be seen from a distance.   As
the show a fun experience for all.
More info on the show...

The show begins with an animated drawing that
comes to life in front of the audience's eyes.
It introduces the Magician, and the fun begins.

Two live birds are magically produced during the show.  One is made to
vanish in a very comical way, and then brought back.  It is then put onto a
perch in a cage which is set up on stage.  A second bird appears out of a
balloon later in the show.  That bird is placed next to the other bird in the cage.

Other tricks include a Sword through Head Illusion which is set to music, as
are a few other parts of the show.  A victim, that is... uh...a volunteer is
chosen for the sword trick (preferably an adult from your party!)  They put
their head into a brightly decorated square chest.  17 swords are put through
little slits on the sides and top of the box.  The front of the box is slid open,
and the head is gone!!?!!

If you prefer, as an alternative to the Sword through Head trick, we have a
Head Twister Illusion that our assistant gets into. (see photos above)
The Sword through Head Illusion is NOT scary.  It's really cool. As long as the
kids are not younger than 6 or 7, they'll be fine with it!

The feature trick of the One Man Illusion Show is a very cool Floating Illusion
which is usually done on a stage, such as an auditorium, but a large room
would work.  Figure about 20 feet in length.  For this one, a child from the
audience (yes, you provide the assistant!) floats about two feet above the
floor.  A hoop is passed around the floating child, two times, showing no
visible means of support.